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Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 6, 2009

This is where I take something about Rob and write it might be anything to day it’s this picture

I love him in a suit!!!! I love looking at that pic and thinking… One day we might get martied and he will wear that… I really do wish we could be together but want my view on ME+ROB then read Let Me Tell u I love U or something like that but it’s in kariannethefanpires Letters To Rob but u have to agree he looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! Okay he does look very good though!!!! I also thought he did great at the oscars one day I wud love to be able to be at The Oscars with him and all of that!!!! Why??? 1) I love rob 2) I wanna be an actress

I love Rob for HIM NOT bcuz he’s famous Im not like Brittany from Paris Hiltons My New BFF srry I had to bring that into this I Just LOVE that show and did I mention at one point in time Paris was a FANGIRL????? COULD THIS BE TRUE???!! OMG YES!!!!!!! But they never ended up together… Hewas a ladies man at the oscars Paris, Natalie Portman, me, fangirls around the world…


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