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My guy friend K, A and I

Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 6, 2009

So today me and a few of my friends and I were talking K and A here is our Convo and whenever a guy friend is im the Convo gayness insues

K: U r such a Rob stalker
Me: Becuz I have pictures of him on my Itouch?
K: Hes so gay
A: Your Gay!!!
Me: Yes very true very true

Gosh what’s up with ALL the gay talk??? This need to stop guys


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I cant believe people

Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 5, 2009

So I was talking to someone we will call B now brace urselfs I advise to not have small children in the room so that u do not hut them in in it outrage

Me:I love Rob Pattinson
B: He is so gay!!!
Me: He is not gay!!!! *said on angry voice*
B: Your right… He’s super gay!!
Me: u know what I hate u and he is NOT gay u want to see gay go look at Zac Efron or JACOB BLACK I HATE JACOB BLACK but he is not gay and if u call him that again u will be dead

Does this man look gay??? I think not Cimment on how u feel about this plz

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