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Let Me say I love u

Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 6, 2009

Dear Rob,

Hey Im Kariannethefanpire and I write these just in case u ever read this blog made by me and only me. First off let me say I love u and I think u r the perfect Edward Cullen and I don’t care that the GQ guys think u smell like a homeless person, I think u probably smell like apple pie, jk but u probably have ur ROB scent that Im sure is lovely. Now let me say when I think of u I get distracted so thinking of Rob+Walking=Bad Idea such as I will be walking I think of u I fall flat on my face then I get up and then I run into a wall. Also I don’t mind tripping because I was tripping for a good cause. Now Rob let me tell u that from what I have read u seem like a great guy and I would love to have the chance to hang out with u sometime. That would be lots of fun!!!! Now Im sure u wouldn’t want to date a girl like me even though I think we have a lot in common and from what u have said u want in a girl I have those qualities I would love to have the chance to hang out with u sometime. Just being friends wud be okay but something more aid be great. If I couldn’t b the girl of ur dreams after hopefully we cud try I would hope one day u find her although it would be great if that girl could be me. I hope I can meet u one day. Maybe I will get the chance to meet u because I plan to audition for the role of Kate In Breaking Dawn.
Please email me and give me something to let me know it’s u like a home video or a phone number and tell me when to call I promise not to give the number out. My email is


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