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My guy friend K, A and I

Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 6, 2009

So today me and a few of my friends and I were talking K and A here is our Convo and whenever a guy friend is im the Convo gayness insues

K: U r such a Rob stalker
Me: Becuz I have pictures of him on my Itouch?
K: Hes so gay
A: Your Gay!!!
Me: Yes very true very true

Gosh what’s up with ALL the gay talk??? This need to stop guys


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Rob Randomness

Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 6, 2009

This is where I take something about Rob and write it might be anything to day it’s this picture

I love him in a suit!!!! I love looking at that pic and thinking… One day we might get martied and he will wear that… I really do wish we could be together but want my view on ME+ROB then read Let Me Tell u I love U or something like that but it’s in kariannethefanpires Letters To Rob but u have to agree he looks FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!! Okay he does look very good though!!!! I also thought he did great at the oscars one day I wud love to be able to be at The Oscars with him and all of that!!!! Why??? 1) I love rob 2) I wanna be an actress

I love Rob for HIM NOT bcuz he’s famous Im not like Brittany from Paris Hiltons My New BFF srry I had to bring that into this I Just LOVE that show and did I mention at one point in time Paris was a FANGIRL????? COULD THIS BE TRUE???!! OMG YES!!!!!!! But they never ended up together… Hewas a ladies man at the oscars Paris, Natalie Portman, me, fangirls around the world…

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Let Me say I love u

Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 6, 2009

Dear Rob,

Hey Im Kariannethefanpire and I write these just in case u ever read this blog made by me and only me. First off let me say I love u and I think u r the perfect Edward Cullen and I don’t care that the GQ guys think u smell like a homeless person, I think u probably smell like apple pie, jk but u probably have ur ROB scent that Im sure is lovely. Now let me say when I think of u I get distracted so thinking of Rob+Walking=Bad Idea such as I will be walking I think of u I fall flat on my face then I get up and then I run into a wall. Also I don’t mind tripping because I was tripping for a good cause. Now Rob let me tell u that from what I have read u seem like a great guy and I would love to have the chance to hang out with u sometime. That would be lots of fun!!!! Now Im sure u wouldn’t want to date a girl like me even though I think we have a lot in common and from what u have said u want in a girl I have those qualities I would love to have the chance to hang out with u sometime. Just being friends wud be okay but something more aid be great. If I couldn’t b the girl of ur dreams after hopefully we cud try I would hope one day u find her although it would be great if that girl could be me. I hope I can meet u one day. Maybe I will get the chance to meet u because I plan to audition for the role of Kate In Breaking Dawn.
Please email me and give me something to let me know it’s u like a home video or a phone number and tell me when to call I promise not to give the number out. My email is

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I cant believe people

Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 5, 2009

So I was talking to someone we will call B now brace urselfs I advise to not have small children in the room so that u do not hut them in in it outrage

Me:I love Rob Pattinson
B: He is so gay!!!
Me: He is not gay!!!! *said on angry voice*
B: Your right… He’s super gay!!
Me: u know what I hate u and he is NOT gay u want to see gay go look at Zac Efron or JACOB BLACK I HATE JACOB BLACK but he is not gay and if u call him that again u will be dead

Does this man look gay??? I think not Cimment on how u feel about this plz

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Welcome All Rob Lovers

Posted by kariannethefanpire on April 5, 2009

As you can tell This is a place of love for Rob Pattinson!!! So I will be posting every lovely day and if Im not going to post one day I will let u know!!! Now if u would like to contact me u can email me at and I’m assuming that u have all read the Rob Pattinson interview from GQ and if u havnt… Read it it’s amazing I love how he says how he loves to microwave things and here is quote about stuff he does “he tries to not go out if he can avoid it.Stays home watches movies, microwaves. Mostly though he reads about himself on the internet.” Wait… Rob might be reading this this very second… Hi rob… Hehe okay I will post a letter later for him later today if u guys want to write letters to Rob head on over to I will talk to u all later

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